I finally found the post I was looking for and the meta tags were not quite as thorough as i hoped, but I feel the idea is sound. I’me going to be chewing on this for a bit.

Watch this space for Red meta about hope, destructive tendencies, rusalka/undines/sirens, compulsion, love and Liz. I’m hoping to work this up tomorrow as a nice post.

i went on a meta ramble in the tags of an art post/photo post, it was something about Rusalka and all the stories of bad ends that come to suitors lured to the water by undines and rusalkas and such. It was about Red and his self destructive tendancies and the story about him almost drowning, and whether part of Liz’s appeal to him is actually her ability to destroy him completely if she wants to… 

and I can’t find the post to figure out what it said bc  don’t remember what I tagged it or when it was or what exactly the image was.






No but for real.

stop. talking. to. celebrities. about. fan fiction.


How the U.S.’s ZERO weeks of paid family leave compares to the rest of the world.

How the U.S.’s ZERO weeks of paid family leave compares to the rest of the world.


How the U.S.’s ZERO weeks of paid family leave compares to the rest of the world.


the west wing

season 1, episode 1: pilot

QuestionHey! The gifset you just reblogged, is it from "The Killing"? Is the show good? I'm searching for new shows to watch so maybe you could tell me a little about it? Thank you! :D Answer

HI thedreamsofcrows,

Yes, it’s from the American The Killing (not the Danish one). I love it and the two main characters so so much and i find it generally well done. It’s beautifully filmed (in Vancouver BC as “Seattle” which guarantees lovely scenery) and I really admire the way the weight the grief of the family and value the victims of the crimes, rather than brushing them aside as a plot point the way many mystery shows do. Mireille Enos as Sarah Linden is amazing. She’s one of those actresses that you never see “acting” she just commits, just is, there’s none of that holding back for the sake of vanity or effect the way so many actors are tempted to do.

There are a few inconsistencies in the narrative of the first mystery (which spans the first 2 seasons) where they depend on certain misunderstandings happening to bring about plot points. On the other hand the character arcs are simply delicious — though they take patience to pay off.

Season 3 is much darker in tone and in some ways it’s the best of the show, but in other ways… I have some disagreements. And there’s a cliff hanger, but S4 goes up on Netflix in two days, so that alright XD.

I don’t want to sound tepid, I love this show and Sarah and Holder so much, but I also want to rescue them from their narrative of crushing despair, and I want people to be aware it’s not exactly a little light viewing! ;)

Let me know if you’d like to know about trigger warnings, there are some that are applicable but they are also spoilers — but they’re more referenced and psychological things than anything explicit, and it’s a very low gore type mystery show! (which I really appreciate.)

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Ooo yeah I dealt with that crud last week. And now it’s circulating around my work.

watch out you don’t catch it back! I’m pretty sure I caught it off my boss, since she lost her voice for a while last week — after getting stuck in a plane on the runway  for 3 hours. The real danger of flying is the recirculated air full of germs >.>

but hey! no migraine today so I’m improving (i hope)



today and tomorrow and then the Killing season 4 is up. I am honestly petrified at this point. I can’t even decided if I try to watch them all at once or try to space them out as they will be the last ever.

I know, I can’t believe it’s so close! I think I’m going to watch them all at once, but I have no idea how long it will be until I’m sufficiently recovered to talk about them.

yeah, i guess all at once is the only way not to be accidentally spoiled — and something tells me that this thing will have a LOT of big twists.

I do know that I’m scheduled to work the day after it goes up and I don’t know how that’s going to work at all. i’m almost sure I’ll be in a daze of mourning and denial, although hopefully just over the end of the series not… other things.