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I hear nothing, not even a sound on the streets of New York. Just the beat of my own heart. I have mail - from you.

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I don’t understand… Is this real or not!?

I find this strangely disturbing….

He looks to be velveteen that’s embroidered, and tea stained or something. Only his tail is real rabbit-stuff. I think he’s meant to be a play on the Velveteen Rabbit, who has to be loved almost to bits before he’s ‘real’.

I would dearly like to know who the artists is… and actually I would love to adopt a little fellow such as this! :3

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Crystal Reed for Unleash’d

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The Blacklist 1x19 "The Pavlovich Brothers" - Things that Need to Be Said 




Can I just say that this show is frickin awesome and by far one of the best I’ve ever watched? Okay then.

*DISCLAIMER: I’ve tried to stay away from the pain in the ass known as a ship war but I’m no effing welcoming mat for people to step on. STAY AWAY LIZZINGTON SHIPPERS.

  • Tom Keen – I don’t…

You make good points!  I have stated before that I’m just along for the ride, I’m not really a shipper person (I like Red and Liz’s relationship in whatever form the show gives us, although I have never believed they were related, and I did want them to sail off into the sunset in the last scene of the show), and I also think that Red might have killed Lizzy’s parents.  But liz’s parents, at least her father, was a known criminal, and since Liz was adopted at an age when Red would have still been in the Navy, Red probably killed her father under orders.  And I think that might have been related to his turn.  That’s my headcanon for now.

But about Ressler, yes, I agree with you that the show has been making a point to put Ressler and Liz together.  I simply don’t really like Ressler very much as a character, and I’m not sure that I like Liz all that much as a character sometimes, so the two of them in a relationship just doesn’t quite thrill me. 

If the writers do it really well, then I’m cool with it, but tbh, I’m not sure that I trust the writers all that much.  I just keep wishing that this show wouldn’t go for the obvious in terms of romance.  For example, I love the character of Aram, and I want to see much more of him; I think it would be pretty cool if somebody like Aram (the lovable, nerdy tech) would grow into a romantic lead, which never really happens in this type of show.

I agree with both thedailyreddington and riversonfire. Tom and Red are by no means as clear cut as they seem on the surface and it just adds to the mixture and makes it so volatile. That’s what makes it so interesting. As for what’s in the box, I have no idea. It has to be something that is immediately damning and extremely valuable. It’s in a safety deposit box with the key hidden inside a lamp. Although the safety deposit box could be a form of communication. Getting off track.

Excellent points made by both. As far as shipping, I’m with thedailyreddington. Along for the ride. I have no problem with Ressler and can see how they might end up together. In the beginning I couldn’t see it at all, but now… Although Aram and Liz would be spectacular for the reason the dailyreddington said.

However, my “true” ship is Liz. She doesn’t need a romance in her life to be consider a valuable and meaningful character or to be made valid. In fact, I don’t want her to be in a romance for quite a while. I want her to gain her ground and grow into a much more stronger, powerful and interesting character that we’ve seen hints of. I want them to focus on making Liz into the titan she can be, not the romance role that’s almost obligatory, or is in every other show. Have her develop her relationships with everyone, but I hope they don’t focus on romance. I want her to be the best she can be, to be seen and heard as who she is. Not to fall into the trap as another caricature of stereotypical media idealized creation of a woman whose only significant contribution to the story and almost sole purpose is to be the romantic partner to a character and have almost no life of her own.

Team Liz.


And… like I said before, and I know I shouldn’t have deleted it I guess, as a lizzington shipper, I have seen other shippers behaving badly, being condescending and judgmental — and that’s even just to *other lizzington shippers*. Speaking as someone who had the “wrong” opinion a few times.

it happens in closed groups on facebook, not tumblr, but it happens. It would be a show of good faith to admit to it.

unfortunately I’ve just not warmed up to Ressler, but I’m not *against* Keenler or anything. I don’t really want to see it *on the show*, but I’ve *never* actually wanted to see *lizzington* on the show either. Enjoying something in fanworks in no way necessitates that you want to see it actually play out! 

the potential cringeworthy-ness of *any* romantic relationship and these writers is too high, I’d implode of second hand embarrassment if they tried.

my issue is more with the writers, the way they’ve framed Liz’s character. There’s a subtle sexism in the whole way Liz has been portrayed. They hardly needed to structure the show the way they have, but they did, and I don’t really trust them with portraying her in a romantic relationship. I sort of don’t trust them with Liz’s portrayal full stop. 


"Portrait of Madame de Pompadour" (1763-1764) (detail) by François-Hubert Drouais (1727-1775).

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